When you join Tenfold Gaming Initiative, you are forging a future through gaming.

Tenfold Gaming Initiative’s mission is to create and foster community learning for disenfranchised youth in the New York area. Through our unique game system style of Play, Sport, Build — students can play games that they are passionate about, learn important aspects of eSports like teamwork and compassion and develop skills like confidence to empower their future success in gaming or any other venue imaginable. At Tenfold Gaming Initiative, the students are the champions.

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What We Forge

Students that participate in the Tenfold Gaming Initiative workshops learn gaming fundamentals that help build their understanding of game design, animation, writing, programming, project management, experience in new emerging technologies and more that they can turn into a potential future in the industry. We help foster design thinking to inspire creativity and community building for a more prosperous future.


Students will develop skills to design games from the ground up using industry tools and techniques. Learning every step of the game design process from character design to level mapping — helping students develop design thinking which they can use to create the world around them, the way they want.


Students will use the skills from game design to build and code their games for the real world. Using industry processes together, students will learn modeling and environment building to create playable games and characters — helping build community through gaming which allows them to build the future together.


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    The Tenfold Gaming Initiative Students tell you first hand what it’s like being in the Tenfold program.